Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love's Unending Legacy

If you watch the entire Love Comes Softly series and have gotten this far, congratulations! You were able to sit through them. And by now you have realized that the movies are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the books. Granted, most books turned movies are different. But for the most part, most movies follow the plot lines of the book. In this case, if you have ever read the book... take what you read and throw it not only out the window but out of this universe! The movie may share the same title and a few of the same characters but that's about it. (If you continue reading this, be forewarned. There will be spoilers!)

One, they kill off Willie!
Two, Willie and Missie's family in the movie is NOT the family in the book.
Three, they introduce Belinda as a 14-year-old orphan, rather than have Marty and Clark have a late-in-life baby.
Four, Clark never had the accident that takes his leg.
Five, the movie is centered on Missie, instead of Ellie because... there is NO Ellie (as well as no Luke, Nandry, and the other Davis children)

Over all, if you have never read any of the books, you will enjoy the movie. If you have read the books, just forget that you have and you will enjoy the movie. Or if you're not as particular as I am, then you will enjoy the movie.

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