Monday, April 20, 2009

Kate Gosselin Book Signing

As promised, here's the entry about the Kate Gosselin signing.

So, I arrived at Barnes and Noble about 9:30ish for the book signing. I expected there to be a huge line outside the store ... but nothing. I went inside and got my wristband and browsed around. The associate said to be back by noon. I figured, might as well stay. I got a magazine, went up to the third floor. On my way there, I saw people already lining up on the second floor. I got a sandwich, drink, and coffee cake from the cafe, got a book, went back downstairs to pay for my book and magazine. And then I settled in for the long wait. Which, wasn't so bad compared to the other autograph signings I have been to. We were inside, in an air-conditioned building (which turned out to be horrible for my allergies) and it was only about three hours away anyway. The nice thing about the Dodger signings ... you can actually talk to the people around you. It would be hours before the people in line in front of me even talked to me. And there was no one behind me for awhile. A few people would show up, sit down, get back up and leave. People started showing up somewhere before noon.

They had put up little papers with letters on them. They started with "b&N" for their members and then "C" (which is where I started). They had 75 member wristsbands, and fifty for each letter. They apparently didn't now how to space the letters apart because when the "members" started showing up... the associates realized ... we can't fit 75 people into this little corner. So, they started backing the rest of us up. And we kept moving, and moving, and moving.

Kate didn't arrive till about a quarter after one. She came down from the third floor escalator. Then the line started to move. And it moved VERY quickly. I was out of there within half an hour of when she started signing. She was nice and polite. She said hello and thank you and took photos with fans. The employees had told everyone that she was not going to take posed photographs, but you could take one of her signing your book. We know how well that goes over at the Dodger signings. They almost ALWAYS say yes to taking a photo with you. Everyone asked me later, was she nice? I guess so. I didn't really get to interact with her or see anyone else interact with her.

Afterwards, I walked outside and there was a father and his young daughter looking up at where Kate was. The little girl asked me, did you see Kate? Did she seem different to you than on TV? Did she seem brighter? My answers were yes, no, and no.

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