Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Field Photo Day at Dodger Stadium, Part Two

Russell Martin and me (ahhh my first love)

Joe Torre

Cory Wade and Me (I had no idea he was put on the DL)

Andre Ethier (he did not take ANY photos with anyone)

Casey Blake (he never got to our area.
Not bad for a shot where there was a huge crowd in front of me.
I didn't know what I was taking.
Just snapping photos every time the crowd parted enough for me to see him_



Cool pictures. Why won't Andre take pictures. What is the deal with him? What happend?

moe28 said...

IT was a great day I got some good pix.. I cant beleive I didnt see any of you guys there!

Roberto said...

I never saw Casey Blake. Oh well. Maybe next year ? :)

Erika said...

Blake is really cool, he said "look guys Mannys coming" im like IDC I want a picture with you not Manny!lol

Falling LEAVes said...

Monique... were you sitting in the left field pavilion???