Thursday, September 27, 2007

11 - 6

My internet has been down since Saturday and I am very grateful to have it back up. I went back the next morning to get my tickets taken care of. The guy changed my tickets from Wednesday's game to Thursday's. Unfortunately ... the Dodgers haven't won a game since ... well ... we got swept at home again. Let's just leave it at that.

Here's the one memorable thing I got from tonight's game, besides my fleece blanket. Sherisse and I went to get food and it took about an inning and a half I think to get our food. We get back. I take a couple sips of my soda and set it down at by feet. Since we were in the first row (in the upper reserve level) we had no cup holders. This kid from three/four rows behind me decides to climb down to get out. I don't know why he decided to climb over the seat next to me when there was more people in my row then the row behind me. But when he stepped down on the seat, it came down on my leg, squeezing my knee in the tiny gap between the seats. I go "OW! OW!" cause it hurt and the kid wasn't a small kid either. My leg jerks in reaction, kicking over my soda (which was quite full because I only took like two sips). The kid stands on the seat, not sure what's going on, with my knee still in between both seats. The security lady in our section comes over and picks up my cup. She tells me if I wanted another drink, I'd have to go with her to get it. She tells me that it happened yesterday too. The security lady told the concessions person that I needed a new cup because it fell on the ground. When the concessions person took the cup, it was obvious that I did need a new cup. Because half of the bottom of that one was gone!

End of story, right? I get back to my seat and not wanting to repeat the same mistake, I didn't want to put my drink on the ground again. Sherisse says to put it in the cup holder behind me, since there was no one sitting in the row behind us. Well, besides Sherisse. I took my two sips or so, put it in the cup holder. Next thing I know, Sherisse kicked it out of the cup holder, leaving me about two inches of Coke left. It was just not my night. And apparently, it wasn't the Dodgers' night either. After all... the final score was like ten to three.

Kevin got a good laugh. He says every time we go to a game together, someone always asks me about my camera. We weren't disappointed. As this woman is leaving during the eighth inning, she stops to ask me what kind of camera do I have. I show her some pictures that I have taken with my camera. I had just put them on my Ipod, too. Of course, I put my best and my favorite pictures on my Ipod. Being as high up as we were, I didn't get as many good photos as I have in the past.

It's hard to believe that the season ends on Sunday. Quite sad to see some of the members of this year's team probably won't be coming back next year. I'm quite curious to see what next year's team is going to look like.

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