Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Airports and customers drive me crazy

Last week, I went to Burbank airport to pick up Gail. It's a small airport, so I made my first round and didn't see her. I got back in line to go around again. This time, Daniel told me she was sitting on a bench in front. I stopped in front of Southwest and looked for her. The traffic guy kept blowing his whistle and motioning for me to move on. I finally moved on when the P.A. made an announcement that there was no waiting allowed at the white curb, only immediate pickup. Mind you... it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to make these rounds. And it's after ten on Saturday and I just got off work. So, I make another round. This time I spot Gail, honk to get her attention, and move over to find somewhere to stop. Unfortunately, it was almost the same spot I was at before. And quite a distance away from Gail, who has been having trouble with her back lately. So, I wait for her and the same traffic guy whistles and motions. He starts walking towards my car. Gail sees him, he sees her, and he says that I can't wait there. Gail tells him, yes I can because I am there to pick her up and she's disabled. The traffic guy apologizes profusely. There's also an airport guy helping Gail carry one of her bags.

The other day at work, this customer comes in and asks me if we had any Irish cardigans. I said, we have cardigans and I pointed out a few. She said, "no, those are not cardigans. Gosh, you don't know your merchandise." And then she storms out. The cardigans I showed her were CARDIGANS. But I have no clue what an Irish cardigan is. In fact ... even wikipedia doesn't have a listing for Irish cardigans. I had to google it in order to find out anything about it.

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