Thursday, September 20, 2007

Parking at the mall...

Is really ridiculous became I'm a mall employee. Well, I work at a store in the mall which makes me a mall employee. Anyway, they sent out a notice to all the stores about the parking policy. There are two parking structures at the galleria. We, as mall employees, are required to park on the roof of both structures (one having three levels and the other having six levels). This includes our days off, when we are not working at the mall. I don't like this rule at all because when I go to the mall and shop, I am a patron. Not an employee. And I do not like parking my car on the roof level on a hot day. Even better ... what about when I want to go out with my friends to the In and Out that is by the six-level parking ... after mall hours? The mall closes at nine except for Sunday, when it closes at seven. HOWEVER, In and Out doesn't close till like one in the morning. What if I wanted to go to In and Out after ten or eleven? Am I required to park on the freaking sixth level then? Who's going to take responsibility if there's some crazy lunatic in the parking lot and attacks me while I'm going up to the sixth level to get to my car at one o'clock in the morning?

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