Monday, September 03, 2007

Kids and races

Why do people look at me and assume different things? Yesterday at work, this guy was there with his wife, two kids, and either his mother or mother-in-law. His two girls were a newborn (relatively new anyway) and the other girl was somewhere between two and three would be my guess. Anyway, I talked to the little girl because little kids are fun to talk to. Especially when they have a baby brother or sister along. The dad asked me if I had any kids. What is with this assumption that I have kids? Do I look like I'm the kind of person to have a gaggle of children waiting for me at home? It's funny because when I'm with Nina, Harold, or Kevin ... someone assumes that they're my kids. It's interesting since there's a six to ten year age gap there.

And I have mentioned this a few times, that customers are always asking me if I'm filipina. A couple weeks ago, Angelina, Timmy, Daniel, and others were watching "24". I wasn't there, so I don't know who all was in the room. According to Angelina, Timmy was being really annoying because he would point out the different Asian people in the show and say what they were. He claimed because he hung out with a lot of Asians, he knew how to tell them apart. Then Angelina asks him what was I? That stumped him! Now I understand being mistaken for a filipina ... but the other day at work ... this older Armenian gentlemen asked me if I was ARMENIAN? Maybe his sight was going ... but .... ARMENIAN????

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