Saturday, May 03, 2008

In case you missed it ...

Russell started at third base tonight! He did three AWESOME plays. One of which, he backhanded the ball, it popped out of his glove, he caught it and then threw out the runner at first. I think it was after the sixth inning when he went back behind the plate and DeWitt took over at first. Hehe maybe DeWitt felt he had to prove himself after Russ playing there ... but DeWitt committed two errors. Hey kid ... you're good. Russ is great. He played third like it was his only position. Then again. He has played third practically his whole life until they converted him to catcher. BTW ... did you guys see the Old Man triple in the second inning? I couldn't believe it when I saw him keep going ... couldn't believe it when he slid feet first into third ... AND BEAT THE BALL. The funniest thing was he laid there for a second (or five) before Bowa helped him up. Then he smiled into the dug out, put this fingers to his lips ... and I guess he was shushing his team mates who were probably ragging on him. It was cute. The first thought that came to my mind after he slid into third was : "Someone get the Old Man a ventilator."

Mike Lieberthal is officially retiring ... with the Phillies.

Great story. Opposing teammates help runner around the bases.

In other news ... there was mountain lion sighting in Eagle Rock. When Sarah came to work today, she mentioned that there were a bunch of helicopters circling her neighborhood. At first we thought it might've been some chase or something like that. Turns out ... there was a mountain lion loose in the neighborhood. Apparently, one of the helicopters were going around telling residents to stay inside their homes and to keep their pets and children inside.

Can you imagine what kind of excuse that would've been to get out of work? "Hi boss, I can't come in right now. The police are telling us to stay inside our homes because there's a mountain lion loose."

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