Sunday, May 25, 2008

Incredibly rude

So, this lady was in the fitting room, and I went in to show my customer to a room. I was cleaning out the rooms and she came out and asked me to get her an item. I was still with my customer. I told her that I was with several customers, and I would try to get the item for her. She said never mind if I wasn't going to get it for her right that moment. She wanted that item and she wanted it now. She didn't want to wait for me while I was with some other customers. Hmm wonder if she's the same "I don't care if you have other customers, I want you to help me NOW" lady. Anyway, I go back out to find my customers and to do my go-backs. She comes out and gets on the phone to order some things through the catalog. I was started to approach her and she said "I don't need any help from you" ... quite rudely I may add .... and I didn't even say a word to her. So I left her alone. She stayed on the phone for about another 30-60 minutes. Very loudly too. You could probably hear her from the store next door. Anyway, she goes to the register to buy two things. I'm standing right there, clocking out. My manager asked her if anyone helped her. She said no, she always helps herself. Then she adds, a girl did try to help her, but she didn't see her anymore. Then she said the girl told her she was with a customer and would help her when she was done. First of all, I was standing right there. I didn't say anything. I just clocked out and went into the back. Second of all, that is NOT what I said. Another girl clocked out the same time I did. She told me, not to worry, because this customer complains about everybody and everything, and to wait till the customer was gone to leave the store. She is RUDE to everyone, even the managers. What did I do? I poked my head out and looked to see if she was gone before I went back out. My manager said the customer said the girl was wearing a white top with black. I was wearing a creme blouse under a black vest-type top. The whole thing made me so mad. I couldn't believe how rude and impossible she was being!

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