Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's been a long day...

That started by me showing up at work at nine. When I wasn't scheduled to be there till one. I went and got a bagel before going home. Then I got home, and had to ring the doorbell like a hundred times before someone opened it. Why? Because I lost my house keys earlier this week. Around Wednesday I think. I got tired of ringing the bell every five seconds. So, every five seconds, I would ring the bell not just once ... but add another ring to each time I had to ring it. I stopped counting once I got to ten. Jenny came over and we washed both our cars. After that, I had to shower again. Then I left for work. Unfortunately, the freeway hadn't cleared up much since I left for work four hours ago. In fact, it got worse. It took me even longer to get to work this time. And, they closed off my usual entrance, so it took me longer to get to the parking lot. By the time I got to work, it was already past one. Then I wasted precious minutes trying to stuff my lunch into an overflowing minifridge (which my boss later cleaned out). I got the talk about being on time. It was a long day at work. I'm not even going to go there. The only interesting thing to say was our Schizo Shopper came back today. She came to our store FOUR different times again. This is the same crazy lady who holds a conversation with herself the entire time she is shopping in our store. I've overheard her say things like "that's the stupidest thing" and other weird things. I don't catch everything she says. But she's a few coconuts shy of a bunch ... probably cause all the ones she's missing landed on her head.

It's late by the time I get off. And as we're heading to the elevator ... I realize I can't find my car keys. We go back to the store. Not there. Turns out ... they were in my car. On the passenger seat. So, I call Jenny who goes to my house, gets my spare key and brings it to me. You'd think the night end there, right? As I'm getting onto the freeway onramp, it's a two-lane thing. The guy in front of me was in the right lane, I'm in the left. He signals to get into my lane. There's plenty of room. He's straddling the two lanes, so I'm wondering what is he doing and if he's really going to change lanes or not. Someone from behind us drives right past him, while he's still in the middle of the two lanes, causing the guy to swerve, slow down, and nearly STOP! This caused me to slow down and nearly stop. I look in my review mirror, and see that Jenny is behind me, and I'm grateful there's a good distance behind us. I get home, and thankfully my dad was home because guess what ... I still don't have my house keys. Other than my dad, no one else was home. If he wasn't home, two situations. One, Jenny wouldn't have been able to get inside the house to get my spare key and I'd be stranded in Glendale still. And two, I wouldn't been locked out of my house for another hour had I been able to get home anyway. Jenny calls me to see if I'm okay, since she was behind me and saw what happened. She said if there had been an accident, she would've been my witness. I told her, if there had been an accident, she also would've been my ride home. It's been a long day.

On the bright side ... the Dodgers have finally managed to win a game against the other "Los Angeles" team. Blake DeWitt is awesome-amazing! He hit a homerun today, in his first game back since ... Wednesday... when he hit another home run. Hey! He had a pair of back-to-back home run games earlier this month. In fact, he slugged his first home run on the 5th and the next day his slugged his first inside-the-park homerun. Then he hit home run #3 in Milwaukee on Wednesday, didn't play Thursday, didn't play yesterday ... and today he hits home run #4! Hmm will we see more back-to-back games where he hits home runs? Let's home he can do it on Monday and Tuesday. Why? Because I'm going to Monday's game (let's Penny can get his groove back!) And it looks like the Dodgers have a new catcher ... Chad Bennett .. j/k.... it's just a typo

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