Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dodgers host Fabulous Fiftieth Event

And fabulous it was!

I found out about the event a few weeks ago via e-mail. The day came to put in my reservation ... and I nearly forgot about it! How was I invited? Because I purchased a mini-plan this year. I RSVP'ed for five people, since I didn't know who would want and who could come with me. Figured I could fit five people total in my car. Turns out I didn't need a reservation for five. Two was enough.

Since the event started at noon, Kevin and I were a hour late. The first thing we had to do was check in. They were set up right outside center field. We didn't get very far into the stadium after we checked in. The first thing we did was check out the "Holiday sale" that was going on. They had all sorts of things on sale. For the most part, they were selling things that were left over from their give-away nights. They had bobble heads for two or three dollars. Since I got most of them already, I only got the Joe Torre bobble head. They had a few fleece blankets for sale. I got a few Build-a-Bear teddies that they were giving away to kids, Russell Martin batting practice jerseys, and the Team photo calendar! I was really excited to get some of the give-aways that I wasn't able to get before. After we paid for our things, we went back to the car to put them away. Good thing we didn't park that far.

We went inside the stadium and checked out what was going on. We took tons of photos. We started on the outfield, then went into the dugout, and then the infield. We started with the pitching mound, the grass, and then second base. We were trying to figure out what to do. We noticed a group on the field level concourse. We headed that way and discovered that this was where they were holding the autograph signings. So, we got in line. The line wrapped around one side of the wall and then on the other side of the wall. There were tables set up, one table for each player. While we waited in line, I saw Roberto in line ahead of us. We chatted for a bit before the lines moved. While we were in line, the two ladies behind us had to leave to take their photo with Tommy Claus (aka Tommy Lasorda dressed as Santa Claus). The security guard let them back in, but told them not to leave the line again. I was showing Kevin what I brought to get signed. They saw the picture of Andre and asked me where I got it. I told them that I took it. They couldn't believe it. I offered to send it to them. While we waited, Matt Kemp showed up with a beanie on. Super cute. When we got around the wall, James McDonald, Matt Kemp, Ron Cey, Tommy Davis, Andre Ethier, and Delwyn Young were signing autographs. Matt Kemp must've just switched with another player. When Kevin and I got to the front of the line, Delwyn Young asked one of the security guards a question. He pointed out the answer to him and escorted him around the line. Pee Wee and to go take a wee wee. Kevin and I wanted to wait for Delwyn to come back, but they were going to cut off the line to change the players. So we went on.

Next in line was Andre "Smoking Hot" Ethier. He looked at the picture I brought and said it was a nice picture, and he especially liked the dirt on his face. After Andre was Derrell Thomas. He was switching with Ron Cey, who had just left. I think it was Ron Cey. Kevin had already moved onto Matt Kemp, but I wanted to wait for Derrell Thomas to settle in. Then it was Matt Kemp's turn. I apologized for holding up the line. Matt Kemp said, "that's okay. I've got plenty of time. I've got nowhere else to be." I opened my gigantic scrapbook to his page, where I had an article taped, two baseball cards, and a photo. I told him that he could pick something to sign. I couldn't make up my mind. I told Andre the same thing, and he signed the photo. Matt Kemp asked me what I wanted to get signed, and I ended up picking the article since it was in the scrapbook. He noticed one of the baseball cards and commented that he never seen that card before. I contemplated on asking him if he wanted it and to let him have it. But I decided that I'll just wait till I get another one. After Matt Kemp was James McDonald. He's the newest of all the guys who showed up.

After that, Kevin and I sat in the field seats to get things together. That was when I noticed there were some guys at the FSN booth. We headed that way, and sure enough. There was my buddy Steve Lyons. Charlie Steiner and Kevin Kennedy were there too. I talked to Steve a bit before having him sign a photo of him and me from last year. I mentioned that I knew someone who knew him back in high school. Then I asked Kevin Kennedy and Charlie Steiner to sign the scrapbook too. I think it was Kevin or maybe someone else who commented on Charlie signing with his left hand. While Charlie was signing, they were also trying to take a group photo. As soon as he finished signing, he looked up for the group photo. I've been looking everywhere to see if I could find a photo to see if my scrapbook is in the photo or not. Right after, I called Diane to tell her where I was and who I just saw and spoke with. Then I told her to hold on. I brought the phone to Steve and said, I've got someone on the phone who would like to speak with you if you don't mind. They talked for a bit. Then Kevin and I ventured around the field again. We stopped by this cute little car/cart that was in the shape of a baseball. Got some ice cream. Took pictures on the blue Dodger fire engine. Then look who comes strolling across the field. Delwyn Young. He did a quick interview. We waited for him to see if he would sign some autographs and take pictures with us, since we missed him in the line.

After that, Kevin and I got in line for the tour around the stadium. We didn't have to wait long. The tour was cool. It took us inside the stadium, the press box, and the sweet suite seats. After the tour, we got our food and left. We also stopped by the booth where they were selling the postseason shirts. We should've stopped sooner. They were out of a lot of sizes. They were selling the postseason shirts for four for fifteen dollars. Kevin and I pooled our money. And we were a quarter short! I scrounged around my purse for the last quarter ... and then a lady next to us gave us a dollar!! That was so nice of her. We left and were walking on cloud nine. It was one of the best Dodger events I've ever been to.

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