Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know most people hate wearing glasses. They hate how they look in glasses.

But for some guys, I think glasses look cute on them. I guess that means I have a glasses fetish. For example, I once saw a picture of Josh Groban with glasses on. It made my heart skip a beat. I loved how he looked with glasses. Not everyone looks good with glasses, I agree. But I still think glasses can enhance a person's look. For example ... I met this guy last year ... and I didn't know he wore glasses till the second time I saw him. I thought he looked nicer with the glasses on. I completely forgot about it since it was a long time before I saw him again. No glasses, of course. Then I stumbled across the picture of him with his glasses and it reminded me of how good he looked with glasses on. The first couple of guys I had crushes on back in middle school ... all wore glasses!


Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of great pictures of Josh Groban with glasses on. If you like that go to Josh Groban.com under Photos of Josh!

Anonymous said...

You're so right about glasses - my granddaughter had a pair with just clear lenses because she loved the look. "Reeks of intelligence." Of course it helps that she's seen a gazillion pictures of Josh in glasses on my desktop.

Try to check out the jg.com glasses thread. If your heart skipped a beat from one picture, be prepared to just thud. (In Grobanite language that just means to drop to the floor with a....thud, of course.)