Tuesday, June 12, 2007

8 - 1

Yup, another Dodger game. This one was sort of unexpected. It was unexpected that we were going and the outcome of the game was quite unexpected, too. First off, Kevin mentioned a pair of tickets he was bidding on Ebay for today's game. He didn't say if he got them yet by the time I went to bed. When I got up for work, I texted him to see if he won or not. I found out during my break that he was. Okay, problem. The gate opens ten minutes after I get off. That gives me an hour or so to get home, get changed, get food, get cash, and of course, get Kevin. Given, LA traffic, that should take about an hour. Well, I got off, got Kevin, got cash, went home, dealt with thorn in my side sister, changed, and went to the game. We got there and the Mets were still having batting practice. I even got to see Davy! Well, as for the food part, I got garlic fries. I didn't like them as much as Sherisse does. The fries are very crunchy and drenched in garlic. Well, personally, I like my fries soft and soggy, like McDonald's. They have the best. Kevin and I joked about how Russell and I would get along because he could eat all the crunchy fries and I'd eat all the soggy ones. Hehe, I told Kevin, yep, I like my stuff soft and chewy. Cookies, Red vines... Russell.

Onto the game. I got some great pics today. Much better than yesterday. Maybe because my seats were 400 some feet away yesterday. And today, we were in the field level, second row. Much closer. We were about ten seats from the foul post line in left field. In fact, during batting practice, a foul ball came our way and landed in our row! It was about five/six seats away from where I was sitting. As I tried to rush over there to get it, a bunch of people jumped in front of me and blocked me. Someone else did end up getting the ball. Still, I think getting a player to throw a ball to you is best story you can tell. GO JOE!

If you haven't heard anything about the game today, this is probably what you will hear the most. THREE CONSECUTIVE HOME RUNS!!! WHOO!!! Kevin and I couldn't believe it was happening after the third home run. It was something I definitely didn't expect. After all, the third hitter (technically, fourth) was the pitcher. Here's how it went down. Russell was the first up to bat in the bottom of the second inning. He got out. Then came Betemit. He whacks a home run into left field pavilion. A guy fell over a row to get the ball. Next comes Kemp, fresh off being recalled from Triple A Vegas. He whacks the ball into the Loge Level, which is the level above where I was sitting. Not only that, it sailed over our heads! I was shouting, "stay fair! stay fair!" because it could've done what Russell's did and curve foul. But, nope, it stayed fair and landed in the level above and behind us. Next comes Kuo, the pitcher. Okay, so I didn't expect our pitcher to hit a home run, seeing as he has only one hit in his major league career. Well, now he was two hits and one home run. Sweet. Now if only Russell had started off the inning with a home run and we could have had another four consecutive home runs under our belt (and Russell's).

The picture count today is much higher than yesterday's. Probably twice as I. I think I only took about 260-265 yesterday, were as today, the count is 507. Of course, that is including videos.

Okay, so you think after a game like that, I would've had a good day right. Well, you could always count on my "dear" sister to ruin and put a damper on any good day I can ever have. And if you can tell, the "dear" is dripping in sarcasm. My sister moved out as soon as she graduated high school. But she feels like she can still come home and tear me apart. Of course, that put a damper on my day. But, I forgot all about it when we went to the Dodgers game. Then I came home, and noticed my pile of newspapers is missing. Of course. She threw them out. So I spent a good half hour digging through trash and bags looking for my paper. I subscribed to the L.A. times so I can cut out Dodger and Russell Martin clippings. Well, of course, I can't go through the paper every day. So, once a week or more I will sit down and go through everything. Given, I haven't done that in over a week, so there is a backup in my pile. She threw it out and I had to look through the trash ... in the dark. Great way to end my day, right?

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