Saturday, June 02, 2007

Don't freak out ...

... but my dad is talking about moving to North Carolina. Again.

He does this once in a while. Right now, he says it's because of his health and he's not getting much work here. If we moved to NC, pretty much we'd all be working in the family restaurant. Wonder if I can transfer to the store there ...

I'm kinda torn in between wanting to move there, and wanting to stay here in LA. Mostly, I don't want to move. There isn't an AF church where my family lives. Plenty of every kind of Baptist and every other church there. There's even a Mormon one. LOL. All I've got there is family. Everything else I have is here. If we were to move there, it would be like starting all over.

Another downside ... no more Dodger games. No more Dodger dogs. And fat chance my dad will let me to see the Dodgers play in Atlanta against the Braves, or in Washington DC against the Nationals. There's always the Florida Marlins or even better ... the New York Mets.

Man I don't want to move. I was thinking about it while I was driving home, and I just wanted try cry. Especially as I was driving past Stadium Way. I don't want to move.

But like I said, don't freak out. My dad has talked on and off for years about moving to North Carolina. At least once every year since I was a senior in high school. Hopefully this too will pass.


Stacy said...

Ok that wasn't a good way to start off my Monday morning....what a sad depressing post. I sure hope you don't move either. How long do these "moving spells" your dad goes through last?

"This too shall pass....."

MsPoppins20 said...

That's hard... but couldn't you just move out on your own in L.A.? Or find someone there to stay with?