Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Somebody shoot me

Oh boy. I can't wait for our sale to end. And it hasn't even officially started! Today was the preview day of sale for charge card members. And of course, the public could still shop. So, technically, you could say the sale started today, though the official date is tomorrow.

Well, this morning I had a couple things to do before I went to work. It was 1) go to bank and deposit money and 2) get food. Well, I decided to go to the back in Glendale, get a sandwich at Whole Foods, and while I was there, go to Coffee Bean and get a blended drink. First of all, when I got to the bank, I discovered my debit card wasn't back in my wallet yet. Great. It's probably still in my jeans pocket. I don't know where it is. Somewhere at home. No checkbook. No account numbers. It's okay, because I managed to get my deposit in anyway. I get my sandwich. YUM! I tried out a new spread instead of my regular mayo. Great stuff. Love it. I only ate half my sandwich on my dinner break (which was basically my only meal of the day). Went to Coffee Bean, got my mocha mudslide, and checked out Joseph's Sports Board. There's a worker there that has a bulletin board and he puts stuff on it, mostly Dodgers stuff. Sweet. He had something up there from last night's 3 consecutive home run game! (BTW the Dodgers won tonight, sweeping the Mets for the first time since ... a long time. 9 - 1. Sweet). Got my mocha and my cookie and headed to work, with twenty minutes to spare. At the light before the mall, this guy was crossing the street and he was reading my car while he was crossing. Flashed me two thumbs up. Either he's a Dodgers fan, a Russell Martin fan, or both. Hehe I flashed my thumbs up back at him and pointed to my parking stubs. I've got five Dodger Stadium parking stubs on my dashboard. I'm missing two.

So, I got to work with ten minutes to spare. As soon as I walked in, my boss asked me to clock in. Work as a complete zoo. It was a disaster zone. I spent the first half hour of my shift on the register. Then the rest of the shift trying to put the store back in order. There were go backs everywhere. Clothes everywhere. Every time I went into the fitting room to clear it out, it took me at least three trips. We even used the go-back bar in the fitting room. That doesn't get much use. It certainly filled up today. There were a couple times I walked into the fitting rooms and they were all being used. And there were three ladies in line waiting for them.

Tomorrow should be worse than today, since tomorrow is the official start of the sale. Because now the mannequins will have sale shirts on and the banners will be up. Speaking of tomorrow, I better head of. I'm supposed to open at seven. Hehe I'm hoping to get up early and go to Coffee Bean and get my mocha. Joseph usually works the morning shifts. I may get to meet this Joseph tomorrow. HMMM McDonald's hot cakes for breakfast ...

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