Thursday, June 28, 2007

Old classmates

The other day I was driving to pick up my mom, and I happened to notice these two guys on the street. It was two of my former classmates, way back from middle and high school. They were in front of the one of the guys house. In fact, one of them used to go to Sunday School with me. I hadn't seen them in years. Then, when I did pick up my mom, she wanted to take my cousin Joanne out to eat. We went to this Pho restaurant. I noticed this guy sat down a few tables away and thought he looked familiar. He must've been thinking the same thing because he looked at me, and then waved. Well, I guess he and his mom had to move to a different table. As he walked by me, he bent down and gave me a hug and a pat on my back. This guy ... I think we had kindergarten, preschool, and first grade together. I think we also ended up at the same middle and high school. But, he wasn't someone I really knew or talked to. Just another classmate. I remembered his first name and by the time I got home, I remembered his last name. Also at the same restaurant, there was girl sitting in the back table with two other girls. I think she was also another classmate of mine. That one I'm not too sure about. But quite interesting to say the least. There are two classmates of mine who I have run into in the past. Once happened while i was outside taking photos for my photography class. The guy was driving by on his way to a friend's house, saw me, stopped and said hi. The other guy rang my doorbell on Halloween. I think it's a tradition of his.

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