Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Two - Please. No physical contact with associates.

One day down, many more to go.

We opened the store at eight and didn't have a soul in there for a while. Long enough for me to realize, I forgot to change my shoes when we opened the store. Twenty minutes after we opened, I was still wearing my flip flops. My boss was probably too tired to notice. I know I certainly was too tired to realize it. After all, I did get up at six to get showered, go to Coffee bean (joseph wasn't working this morning, rats), and go to McDonald's to get breakfast. Had twenty minutes to kill. So, I ate my hot cakes and felt sick afterwards. Too sweet, too early in the morning. Ick. Oh yeah, I don't know what, but the truck in front of me in the drive thru line peeled off. Hmm wonder why.

Back to work. Things didn't get too crazy till after ten. Then things just picked up and didn't slow down. It didn't feel as crazy as yesterday. Or maybe we had a better handle on things. I don't know. Let's see. What sticks to my mind from today. There was the one lady who didn't fit into our clothes who came with a friend and was in the store for a good hour. She asked my boss for a catalog and my boss told her we didn't have anymore. So, she asked me why we didn't have anymore. Her friend tried on a bunch of stuff, bought something, tried more stuff on, and tried more stuff on, and an hour later left with out two things. Total. One before, one after. it's quite sad it has come to the point where you see familiar customers and go, "oh no, so and so is here." Just because you know they're difficult.

The best part was right towards the end of my shift. I was hanging some t-shirts up. This lady comes up, and looks at the pile of shirts I was hanging. They were folded nicely, in two colors. She picked up the top color and put it next to the second color. Not very neatly, I might add. She looks at the color and tells me, "Give me a large." I wait to see if she had anything else to add. Then she says it again, very bossy and snobby like, "Give me a large." Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Ignore her? I gave her the large, but didn't say anything to her. She says, thanks, proving that she must know a little manners. Apparently not enough. Hmm maybe she's one of those ladies who thinks they can treat us like servants. Like the lady who snapped her fingers at me as if I was her maid. I figured this lady either had no manners or didn't have a strong command of the English language. Guess what? She goes up to the cash register and tell Sherisse, "give me this one in white." Guess she's just rude. Weird thing? On her way out, she tells me thanks and pats my back. Please. No physical contact with associates.

I forgot to write this down. Want to guess how many kids I had to usher out of our display windows? Three. Four, if you include the one my boss told not to go into our windows. I don't know why, but little kids love running around in our display windows where heavy mannequins and other props can fall and squish them.

Well, Stacy, does this answer you question about paper journal vs. online journal?

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