Sunday, June 17, 2007

Class final, mini-golf, and MLB 2k7

Started off with the usual Saturday routine ... me running late to my library class. I don't remember if I have ever been on time to my Saturday class. Thankfully, this is the final class of the semester. Meaning, I had to take my final. There were three parts to it. The first part was questions where I had to write in the answer. I should get all (if not, almost all) of those questions right. The second part was where I had to catalog a book. Not sure if I did everything right. The third part was a questionnaire about the class. Overall, it took me about an hour and a half to get it done. It was actually done in about an hour, but I was stalling for time and making sure I got everything right.

After that, I went to the 99 cent store to kill some time. The KFWB blue crew was supposed to be at the Jiffy Lube across the street from PCC from noon to one. I wanted to check it out, see if maybe I could score some tickets. Well, I ended up buying a ton of Dodger stuff from the 99 cent store and not killing enough time. So, I went to Nina's. From there, we went to Kevin's to play MLB 2k7. Harold and Kevin played, though I did get some playing time. Then we went to get Daniel and went to the bank to get some cash. Glendale Ave (or is it Blvd? I always get mixed up), was backed up for blocks. Turns out, the 134 freeway turned into the 134 parking lot. Which was why the street was backed up.

Eventually we picked up Sherisse and went mini-golfing with Christianne. Christianne, Kevin, and Daniel all tied at first, with Nina and I tied behind them, and then Sherisse. The final hole is the one where you hit the ball into a slot and that tells you what par to put down. That was the only time I got a par! I hit mine straight up the middle into the one slot. Sweet. Another time, I hit the golf ball and it went past the hole, then came back, stopped, and then went in. Sweet. Man. My golf ball bounced over the hole, around the hole, and just kept avoiding the hole a lot. In fact, that course did that to most of us. It's okay. I'm hoping to take Joanne and Jenny there while they're here. Hopefully on one of my off days when the traffic isn't so terrible. Then again, this is L.A. The traffic is always terrible.

Other interesting points? The Dodgers lost the game today, but they took out the Angels' first baseman. I was listening to the game while we were playing mini-golf and heard it go down. After we got back, I got MLB 2k7 from Kevin (since I paid for half of it, technically I do own half of it). When I got home, I played for about an hour or two. The first time was exhibition, just to get used to it. Then I started the 162 games season. I started with the opening game against the Brewers. Somehow, instead of Ben Sheets pitching against Jason Schmidt, I ended up using Chad Billingsley. It's a good thing this is just a video game. The outcome was I won (Dodgers) with a score of 3 - 0. Gonzo had a home run, Kent stole a base, and Martin went 3 - 4. And since it was a game, I changed the lineup too. Hehe. What was it? I think it was Furcal-Martin-Garciaparra- Kent-Gonzo-Ethier-Betemit-Billingsley. How did Billingsley did as a pitcher? He pitched all nine innings, striking out 24 batters, giving up only two hits, and no runs. How did my Dodgers fare? Three runs, ten hits, one home run, one stolen base. LOL. I still can't believe out of my four attempts to steal a base, it was Kent who succeeded.

Guess that makes my record (and Billingsley's) 1 - 0. Let's see how the rest of my video game season goes.

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