Saturday, March 29, 2008

1 - 0 !!! Yay!!!

Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

Okay, so technically it's an exhibition game. But it's my first game of the year. I've been looking forward to this game for so long. I bought the tickets over a month ago and picked them up this last week. Apparently the tickets I bought were mailed out on the third of March. I never received them, at least that I know of. So I called ticketmaster and they voided the ones that were sent and claimed them as lost. They told me I could pick up my tickets at the box office at Dodger Stadium. So I did.

Today, it felt like I was constantly running late. I got up late. Then I was late picking up Kevin, Nina, and Harold. Jack called at the last minute, but I was still late in going. I had to go to WalGreens to get a transistor radio because the one I had from last year was broken. In the meanwhile, I figured it would be a good idea to get extra batteries for my camera. However, I didn't expect the lady in front of me to take forever checking out! She was having issues with a coupon and whatever it was she was buying. One of the other workers finally found someone to check me out because she was taking forever. Then I had to get Kevin, who didn't have his phone with him. After that, I drove to Chinatown to get my mom. And she wasn't ready either. Finally, we got to Sherisse's to get her. By then, we were on schedule. We got to Dodger Stadium and waited for them to open the gate to the parking lot. They must be doing batting practice differently because usually the Left Field Pavilion is open by the time I get there. Yeah I just checked their website and the schedule's the same. Huh. Maybe it just didn't open on time today.

When we got there, it didn't feel like it had been six months since my last game. It felt like it was just last week or so that I had been there. LOL yep, it felt like I was home again. When we finally got in, the Red Sox were taking batting practice. Sherisse was like in shock or something for a few seconds. She just stood there and took it all in. Kevin stood like in the fifth row or so to try and get some bp balls. I don't know if he got close to any. I had three chances. The first two weren't great because other guys got to the ball first. HOWEVER this other one ... I was standing there and saw it coming. I knew it was going to bounce. I just didn't know which way it would go or how high. Well, I took off for it and no one else was really around. Just as I was watching the ball bounce, this other guy (much older than me and he had glasses) came out of nowhere and we collided on the bleachers as we both went for the ball. He, being taller and bigger than I, ended up with the ball. Though he may have hit his chin on the bleacher. Everyone around me told me that I should've gotten it, that it was totally mine.

Onto the game... let's see... it was a low-scoring game. The Dodgers scored three runs on seven hits. The Red Sox scored one run on three hits, and committed one error. Andre Ethier scored two of the three Dodger runs. In fact, he scored the first and second of the three Dodger runs. Russell didn't get any hits. :-( Matt Kemp stole a base ... though at first it looked like he hesitated, because he stopped and then kept going. Even though there weren't a lot of hits, there sure were plenty of strike outs and walks. Billingsley earned seven of the Dodger's eight strikeouts. Each team gave up four walks. Each team also hit a batter (Ramirez on the Red Sox, Kemp on the Dodgers). During the top of an inning, Juan Pierre threw the ball he was warming up with into the Left Field stands. Somehow it bounced into our area and landed on the lap of one of the gentlemen sitting two rows in front of us. It literally just bounced onto his lap. He must've been surprised to see all these guys surrounding him as they were going after the ball. One of the guys realized where the ball landed, immediately pulled back and I think he even apologized. You could see the look of shock on his face when the realization hit him and how bad he felt for pouncing on the old man. Since we were sitting by the aisle, I happened to recognize someone going up the aisle. It was one of the guys I was hanging around with at the February Caravan at Yankee Doodles. I don't think he saw or recognized me. But I recognized him, his two kids, and his brother. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?

The Sons of Steve Garvey are asking for help for the coliseum game. They're not going to be there. Sadly neither am I. So, if anyone is going ... please please take loads of photos! I want to see what that game is going to be like, even though I can't go. And since I'm closing, I probably won't get much of the game at all.

Ok I tried to upload some photos... but it didn't work. So I'll upload them tomorrow

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