Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A lesson from Annie...

The sun'll come out / Tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar / That tomorrow /There'll be sun

Just thinkin' about / Tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs, / And the sorrow / 'Til there's none

When I'm stuck with a day /That's gray, /And lonely,
I just stick out my chin / And grin, / And say, / Oh

The sun'll come out / Tomorrow
So ya gotta hang on /'Til tomorrow
Come what may

Yes, the sun has come up and chased away some of the gloom from last night. My neighbor took a look at my car and said it was probably the battery. He hooked his car up to mine and we tried. He checked and after half an hour, discovered he didn't hook our cars up right. Voila! Battery started, car started, and my car is okay again. At least that's fixed.

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