Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back at last!

After being internet-less for several days, I am back! I am alive. My room did not eat me up.

As I said in my last post, I had to clear my room out. Turns out ... the only thing I kept from before was my white bookcase ... which is still questionable. I gave my bed to my brother. Nina offered me one of theirs. The dresser is still in the back yard. I'd love to sand that down and paint it! It would take a lot of work though. And I did put together a desk that I bought last year (or was it longer) that has been sitting in the backyard. My cousin took the desk and tried to put it in his room. He screwed it up, because it's supposed to be a L-shape desk. Some of the holes where the screws go in got messed up. When I tried to put the desk up, it fell on me. Now I filled some of the holes with wood filler and it's fine. I think.

Something interesting happened at work today. These three young girls came in. They probably were no older than seventeen. Had to be high school age. I greeted them, they said hi back. And after a few minutes, I began to wonder where they went. When I got closer to the fitting room, all three came rushing out. They weren't in street clothes, but in black formal dresses. One of them made a comment like "they must be wondering what we're doing." Because, my manager and I were wondering. They didn't say thank you, didn't ask for permission ... just walked in and used our fitting rooms as a public changing place.

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