Saturday, March 15, 2008

In case you missed it...

The Dodgers are playing the Padres right now in China. The score right now is Dodgers 3, Padres 5. It's the bottom of the fifth. Matt Kemp batted in the three Dodger runs. Eric Stults started off well. Started being the key word. In the first inning, he struck out the first three batters. As the game went on, the Padres' bat came alive. There was also a two-base error when two of our outfielders (George Lombard and Xavier Paul) went after a fly ball. They avoided colliding with each other, but they also missed the ball.

George Lombard hit the first major league home run on foreign soil yesterday. The Padres and Dodgers finished the game yesterday in a 3-3 tie. It ended with a "gentleman's handshake". It was announced during the game that they were only going to play nine innings. The crowd did what any crowd would do. Boo.

Tommy Lasorda's B Team finally won a game. They had a couple close ones this week. Ethier hit his fourth home run of the spring. Martin hit his first home run yesterday.

And here's my favorite. I knew Randy Wolf would be on the mound for the Padres yesterday. So imagine my surprise when I turned the game on and they said there were two Wolf's (Wolves?) on the field. Randy was on the mound. His brother Jim was the umpire behind the plate. You'll never see this in a regular season game. But since it's an exhibition (spring training) game, all's fair. Sweet. I would've loved to have seen this. I hope someone got a picture of the two brothers together.

Charlie Steiner: If I was a member of the duck family, this isn't the place to be.
Yum. I haven't had duck in forever. It's soooo good!

They were also talking about the time change. When they flew into China, they lost a day (Thursday). Now that they're flying back to Arizona, they get to have two Sundays. They leave China at 8 PM Sunday night and arrive in Arizona at 6 PM Sunday night. Time changes. Confusing.

Charlie also talked about the Great Wall and how he wanted to buy some things while they were in China. But all he got were two baseball caps commemorating the game. He also talked about going on a rick shaw ride.

I hope Randy goes on the Scott and BR show this week. And I hope they ask him about what it was like to pitch in a game where his brother was the home plate umpire.

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