Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures from my first game of 2008

Yes, Russ ... it's quite nippy for March, isn't it? But I'll keep you warm ;-)

First glimpse of Andre! I think he's signing some baseballs for someone
Go long! Go long!
Glimpse of Russell in the bullpen...

This is in the left field pavilion, on the way to the bathrooms

So close ... yet so far away

Wonder what's on that TV

They circled Furcal and they were like hopping around. It was funny and cute ... wish I had gotten a picture or video of the thing

Loney and Kent during the National Anthem

The Dodgers' dug out

The rest of the Dodgers. How many cane you name?

Russell's first at-bat

Juan Pierre threw a ball into the stands and it landed on the lap of guy on the right

Russell avoids getting hit by a pitch

Furcal is wondering how in the world did he get caught stealing second to end the inning while Andre Ethier is in the batter's box

Hooray! Happy days are here! Pierre is gone and now Andre is in left field!

It's probably colder now than it was before

Run Andre run!

Andre slides into second, he's safe but Hu's out at first

He needs a moment

Recovering from the slide

I'm sure the guys around him need a moment too

Yay! Andre scores the second run of the game (off a double by Jeff Kent)!

Yes, Andre dear ... that's what happens when you slide. Your uniform gets dirty

Okay, I know I know ... lots of pictures of their behinds. That's what happens when you're sitting in the pavilions and all you see is their back

I apologize for the grainy quality of the pictures. But that's what happens when you have to zoom in tons and don't have any telephoto lens. Sigh. One day.

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