Saturday, March 08, 2008


Stealing this from Shelley's...


I'm a hopeless romantic - but I'm hopeless in the romance department

I like my job - just don't like some of my customers

I want to talk about my feelings - prefer to write about them

I want to share my feelings with others - write them in my journal instead

I like to put things in order - but my room is a complete disaster zone

I love taking pictures - but hate being in them

I hate going to sleep - hate getting up more

I'm not attracted to Asian guys - I'm Asian(Chinese-American)

I hate being late - but I don't get up early enough to be early

I love to read - just not books for school

I love to write - but they're for my own eyes only

I want others to read what I write - but I'm afraid to let them

I want to have kids one day - but afraid I won't be a good mom

I want to get married one day - but afraid I don't know how to love

I want to have a wedding - just don't know how to do it

I want someone to walk me down the aisle - just not my dad

I love to smile and laugh - but I hate my own smile and laugh

I get great ideas - but never follow through them to the finish

I love to sing - just not in front of others

I'm not a people person - but don't like to be alone

I love to travel - but I get lost wherever I go

I love to play baseball - but have a fear of balls flying at me

When I was younger, I acted older - now that I'm older, I'm acting younger

This was fun to do - but hard to really think about some of it

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