Saturday, March 08, 2008


This customer came in with her mother and two kids. Her kids were out of control. They were being kids. They wouldn't sit down. They would run around the store. I guess each having their own Nintendo DS wasn't enough to keep them occupied. The lady was upset and talked in a very raised voice the entire time she was in the store. It was more of a yell than a raised voice. Here's what I could gather.

They were at another store. One of her kids dropped something. She "yelled" at the kid. An associate at the store reprimanded her, telling her she shouldn't be "yelling" at the kid. The customer didn't appreciate the associate telling her how to raise her kid. She told the associate it was a free country and she could do what she liked. There was something about a camera, and taking pictures, but it turned out to be nothing. The customer also said something about the associate talking to her in Spanish. The customer said the associate followed them and was harassing them. She told this to another customer in our store, and our lead associate. The customer calls security. Three security guys come. They escort her to the store where this incident happened. She came back somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes later. Where were her two kids and her mother while she was gone? In our store. Driving the rest of us nuts. We even saw one of the kids hit the grandma. Who in the world has the nerve to hit their grandmother??? Okay, so if this kid was like really little and didn't know better ... but this kid was definitely old enough to know better.

Lesson to be learned? It's not our job as associate to tell parents how to treat their kids. First off, the mother "yelled", not hit. And of course, we were only hearing this from her side of the story. Who knows what the associate's side of the story sounds like. Second of all, her kids could not be controlled. And she was yelling at them while she was in the store.

My boss made a comment earlier because there was another little family in our store earlier. It was another grandma, mom, and two kids. However, this time, one of the kids was a little baby ... probably just a few months old at most. The other one was a toddler, old enough to be walking on her own. Probably which was why she had one of those kiddie leashes on. I don't know about you ... but kids really shouldn't be put in leashes. Funny thing was, earlier I saw this lady pushing her dog around in a stroller. Strange world we live in. Anyway, she said if you can't control your kids, maybe you shouldn't have any. This little girl was really cute. She was in a mood when they came in, didn't want to say hi, wanted her mom to carry her. After a few minutes, she warmed up to us. She waved by to me several times. She was really cute. There was another couple today who had a boy with them. I think there might've been something wrong, either that or he had ADHD. But I kept my thoughts to myself there. What tipped me off? His behavior. Can't really explain it. It's one of those had to be there things.

The crazy lady came in today. Believe me. She comes to our store two or three times a week. She looks crazy. And if I was a little kid, I'd run screaming for my mommy just seeing her. I saw her walk past our store and said, "oh no. She's here." Yup, she came in and browsed around for about thirty or more minutes. Stared at me while I was stamping some things. I couldn't wait for her to leave. At least I didn't have to face Big Hair lady again. Phew.

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