Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are you KIDDING me????

"You may be provided a provisional credit in five business days and the resolution of the dispute will take 90 calendar days."

Two Sundays ago, we went to Coldstone's Creamery after evening service. When I was paying for my order and Nina/Harold's, the credit card machine ran out of receipt roll. So, the cashier replaces it and asks me for my card again so he could swipe it. I asked him if I was going to be charged twice, and he says no, because the first time it ran out of paper and wouldn't have gone through. Now, a voice in the back of my head said I should've asked him to double-check. I have worked with the same type of credit card machines at my aunt's restaurant and whenever the receipt roll ran out in the middle of a transaction, I had to void the said transaction and start a new one.

Lo and behold, almost a week later, I check my account online and voila! I was charged twice! Now, instead of calling Coldstone's and dealing with them, I just e-mailed my bank. And the that's the reply I got. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 90 calendar days? 5 business days? Just for a measly 8.08?

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