Saturday, March 24, 2007

Parking permits

This morning, I was paying for my parking permit for school today and I noticed the car parked in the space next to the machine ... the new machines give you skinny (vertical) strips, with blue on the sides. You're supposed to put those on your dashboard so the PCC cadets know you paid to park in the parking structure. If you don't have a parking pass hanging in your car. The car parked right NEXT to where you buy your daily permits had a square red parking slip ... from March of 1997. That's practically ten years! That is ten years!

First of all... who's dumb enough to try to pass off a red square parking slip when the new slips are rectangular and blue. Second of all... that's pressing your luck that the cadets aren't checking and are smart enough to notice that you have a parking pass from 10 years ago. They do check! I should know. My parking pass fell off one day and I got a ticket for it! I showed them my parking pass which I paid $64 for. I was not going to pay a $25 tickets for not having my $64 parking pass which I did have! Oooh I still get mad when I think about it. Third of all, it would make more sense if the machines were still giving out the red ones. Since they raised the daily permit to two dollars, they've changed all the machines. Now they all give the same ones.

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