Friday, March 30, 2007


For the last hour or so, I've been revamping my blog: new template, new layout, new link added, and pictures. You can blame a) the late hour, b) the lack of sleep, c) the fact that today was the first (unofficial) Dodger game of the year, d) which, they lost, or e) my obsession with Russell Martin. Apparently, I am addicted! This will be my 20th blog for this month. I was contemplating whether or not to write another blog entry for today. Well, if no one else is going to keep up with their blogging, I might as well.

Another new thing that was added awhile back was a counter. I was looking at it and found out how to see where some people are reading my blog from. I have international visits! How cool is that? There was one from the UK, China, India... just to name a few. It just gives the location... sometimes, not all the time. No other information other than that. After reading "The Cubicle Next Door," I was curious about how many people actual visit my blog. I'm quite discouraged because I always think no one's reading it and no one's commenting on it. Then again, some of the entries are fluff pieces and others are just way too long. Does anyone actually read everything?

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MsPoppins20 said...

I always read your blog! I don't usually have time to comment though, I am sorry. It is harder to keep up-to-date with blogs when classes get busy, but I do always read it. Do you read mine?