Monday, March 26, 2007

Wherever We Go Video

It's not a music video of the song by the Newsboys, but a mash-up... sort of. If my understanding of a mash-up is right, this is one. It's basically the song put with video and still images. How they got some video images with Bryan in it, I'm not sure. It certainly wasn't Jody or Paul. Bryan has a very distinct way of playing the guitar. I was looking at the video and saw it ... and i was like ... heyyy that's Bryan! It's funny cuz the video has clips from the Thrive DVD and the Shine DVD, basically their performances at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and One Night in Pennsylvania. It also incorporates recent pictures they have up at their website. Quite interesting that even though there's only four members left (Pete, Paul, Jeff, and Duncan)... the video also shows three former members (Phil, Bryan, and Jody). What's funnier is I'll see the video clip and know which performance it's from and even what's going on. They also have some images from the bonus features on the Thrive DVD. And I know what's going on there. See ... I am a Newboys Freak.

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