Friday, March 16, 2007

Loser Magnet

Actually, I don't know if I attract losers or just creeps in general.

Creep #1: a guy I knew but didn't like very much. He was always socking me in the arm for a greeting. Asked me out online. I said no. Later, I heard he got in trouble for *something*

Creep #2: not so much a creep. Just weird. I was walking down the street by my college one day. I walked past this Ford dealership, went two blocks, was crossing a street when this guy called out to me. He asked me if I knew the area because he just moved there and was looking for another place to live. He was currently living with a friend. He goes on to ask me out. I'm surprised and flattered, but cautious and weirded out. After all, he followed me for 2 1/2 blocks. I tell him I generally don't go out with guys I don't know. He says, he understands. Proceeds to give me his name and phone number. Says if I would like to get to know him better to give him a call. I warn him that I'll probably lose his number in my room. Which I did for about three months.

Creep #3: after a gospel choir concert, our choir went out to eat at a restaurant in Pasadena. Afterwards, I walked two/three blocks to go meet my dad. By this time, it's past midnight. I see this car drive past, make a U-turn and pull up in front of me. Guy asks me if I needed a ride home. Told him my dad was coming.

Creep #4: last September, I went with the high school class to my first Dodger game. While at the game, Angelina, Christianne, and I decide to go to concessions. We're standing in line, and I move to the line over to see if it'll go faster. This guy is standing directly behind me. Angelina and Christianne noticed how close he was standing next to me; they thought I'd notice too. But, I didn't. Angelina made a comment about how did I not feel the guy breathing down my neck, or something to that extent, because that was how close the guy was. If he had coughed or sneezed, it would've been directly on my neck. Angelina was more freaked out about it than I was. She said she almost said something to the guy. She would have if he had gotten any closer, which was practically impossible because he was pretty close already.

That's about it for now ... I think...

Any comments anyone? Any stories to share?


Anonymous said...

Look if it was me I would have a gun on me.So if that creep would try something stupid it would be over.No it is a good story but it would have been alot cooler if the guy got his butt kicked. Your Friend Brandon.

Anonymous said...

The story was good,but a little more action.Like the creep getting his butt kicked by three girls.For me I would have had a gun just if the creep wanted to do something to me.That's just me.Your Friend Brandon

MsPoppins20 said...

It's okay Linda... I seem to attract the creeps and weirdos as well. What I would give for a decent guy! =)