Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scary lady....

.... came in today to return something and nearly bit my head off for it! The way she talked to me and treated me, it was like she held me responsible for the jean skirt she bought wrinkling (after she wore and washed it), the shoe that didn't fit, and the other shoe she had to pay $40 to get repaired. If she didn't like our stuff so much, then why does she buy it? I have never had anyone complain so much about our quality, which is usually very good. And I have never had someone be as abrasive as she was. She walked into the store, took the jean skirt out of the bag, and dropped it on my side of the cash wrap. Practically threw the thing at me. Proceeded to do the same with recent, tag, and extra buttons. She says very hostilely what she didn't like about the skirt in a voice loud enough for both my managers to hear (one was in petite, the other up front in missy). My store manager almost stepped in, but she saw that I was handling it well enough on my own. Though I cast furtive glances at my assistant manager in the back, thinking "Help? Is this lady for real? I can't believe this woman."

After I finished doing the return, she wanted to check the receipt to make sure I did it correctly. She complained about Gap and another store how they charge you something when you make a return. oh and get this. She comments on my English. She told me I speak English very well. Me thinking: yeah, I should, after twenty years of schooling (well, not quite twenty, but you get the point). She asks me if I was born here. Later my boss said to me in private, those kind of questions are unnecessary and that kind of information is none on her business. We think she has been in our store before and asked our other assistant manager about her ethnic background as well.

Thankfully, my lunch break was next. That experience needed some time to recover from. Phew. She was one scary lady. Though ... I have to say the weirdest customer I've had was the lady who came in only wearing her bra, underwear, and a bathrobe that wasn't even closed all the way. EWWWW!

On a brighter note, during one of my coworkers' breaks, she went to Sweet Factory and got me and my boss a bag of chocolate covered almonds. She also insisted on getting us some smoothies. How sweet of her!

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Christianne said...

Linda for your bravery and cool head under intense animosity and ignorance I hearby award you Golden Rose of Retail--okay I made it up but still you can say that you're the first recipient.