Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Cubicle Next Door

.... is the book I spent all night last night reading. It was cute. It's by Siri L. Mitchell. What's it about? Well, let's say it's a romantic comedy book I got at the Lighthouse (our former local Christian retailer) during their store liquidation sale. The Lighthouse in Glendale is no longer there, as of March 16. Their lease was up and they weren't renewing it, so they have officially closed their doors. A sad day for us, really. The next nearest Lighthouse is in Pasadena. Which, I don't like their layout as much and I don't travel to Pasadena much unless it's to visit with Angelina, go to the Talbots in Pasadena, or for school. Other than the Lighthouse, we really don't have another other Christian retailers around.

ANYWAY, back to the book. It's about this girl, Jackie Pert Harrison, who works for the Air Force Academy. She doesn't like it when she finds out her office space is going to be divided into two cubicles because the new instructor, Lt. Col. Joseph Gallagher, didn't have an office. At first, Jackie finds any reason at all not to like "Joe." But, he finds any reason at all to spend time with her. Jackie, like many of us, keeps an online blog. But hers is strictly anonymous. She tries not to give any hints to her name and where she lives. When she starts writing about sharing her office with "John Smith," her blog popularity goes up. So far up that her blog is featured on TV. Even Joe starts reading it and asking Jackie questions about the blog. Jackie tries her best to keep him from knowing that "TCND" (The Cubicle Next Door) is actually her. It's cute and filled with funny parts here and there. This is where I'm going to stop summarizing and give you a few of my favorite lines.

It was only the twinkle in his eye that kept me from flipping the contents of his tray onto his lap. [20] Jackie

“These are not pajamas. I happen to be wearing my purse.” Joe, on his flight suit. [22]

“A pair of skis like that? I’d sooner let my only child run away to India.” Grandmother, on marking down her Rossis. [34]

I used to wonder what God would give me if he ever thought I needed a thorn in my side. Now I knew for sure: Joe. [47] Jackie after Joe shows up on her doorstep

I didn’t have to see them to know that the pictures were. Their granddaughters. They were shameless. All of them. [47] Jackie, upon seeing Joe surrounded by her grandmothers' best friends (and their wallets)

If people aren’t going to go to the trouble to knock on a door, then why do they say the words? [50] Jackie, when Joe says "knock, knock" after his poker game with the ladies

It was hard to yell at someone you were trying to get away from. [81] Jackie

“I don’t know whether to be impressed with your knowledge, cheer your chutzpah, or strangle your cute little neck.” [115] Joe – after a security guard and Jackie made a fuss over her water bottle - she couldn't bring it in, so she drank the whole thing in front of him - and he still wouldn't let her bring the bottle in

“I’m going to kill you.” Jackie

“Could you at least wait until after the Coffin Race?” Joe [130]

I was supposed to be dead. Boy, I’d really screwed that up. [133] At the Coffin Race

By the end of the day, we’d almost won, I’d almost lost my voice, and I’d almost decided to let Joe live. [133] Jackie at the end of the Coffin Race

“Put them together at the tails and pretend you’re a duck. You’ll be able to go wherever you want to.” Jackie

“Quack, quack.” Joe [158] Jackie telling Joe how to “jog” in skis

It’s a lot easier to pretend someone doesn’t exist when they don’t contact you. [306]

Something that was rusting through the brush. I hoped it wasn’t a bear. But what else would you expect on Black Bear Trail? [308]

It would be nice to know if the bear really were 20 feet long. What else would make so much noise moving through the forest?


He burst into my clearing, cheeks ablaze, eyes aflame. "Just how many kinds of stupid are you?" [308]

“I thought you were a bear.” [Jackie]

“Is that why you threw this at me?” He walked toward me, holding out my half-eaten energy bar. [309]

He’d always been listening. Since the very beginning. To the other hundred things I was too afraid to say. [311]

I wondered what he’d do if I were to lay my sandwich down and claim his lap as my own. [324]

And while Dimple Joe is cute, Serious Joe is devastating. [328]

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