Sunday, March 11, 2007

Night's not over yet folks

Just when I thought I was finally going to get to bed...

My dad calls me and tells me to take him to the nearest hospital. Nothing serious. He hit his eye earlier today while working on the roof clearing tree branches. So, at 1:30 AM (before time change) he decides it's a good time to go to the hospital. Speaking of the night not being over yet, I hear a cop siren in the not-too-distant. Either I'm tired or my keyboard's not working cuz my spell checker went off on at least five words.

So, we get to the hospital, fill out/sign some forms, wait to be taken to a room, the nurse asks some questions, then the doctor asks the same questions, they put a gauze over his eye, write out a prescription, and forty-five minutes after we left the house, we're home again.

Now it's 3:41 AM (after the time change) and the night is OVER.

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