Thursday, March 29, 2007

The cone is back...

Do you know what that means?

I wish I had a picture of this particular cone, so you'd know what I mean. The one I have posted is very similar, if not the one I'm looking for.

Oh yeah, what does it mean? LoL. I got distracted. You'll see.

This afternoon, about 6:30, I was driving down Riverside Drive (towards the LA church, for those of you who are familiar with my daily routine). As I am driving under the 5 freeway overpass(?), I notice a very familiar looking road sign sitting on a cone. Why is it familiar?

It comes out whenever there's a Dodger game. And living as close as I do to Dodger Stadium, it's a VERY familiar sighting. According to Google maps, I live 2.7 miles away from Dodger Stadium. 2.4 or 2.1 according to Expedia. So... let's just say I live an average of 2.4 miles from it. The directions they gave me is the way I take to go to Chinatown. For Dodger Stadium, I'd go the other direction. Don't know which one has less traffic though. Why? Well, guess how many Dodger games I've been to. I'll post the answer in a comment later if anyone wants to guess.

Opening Day for the Dodgers is still two weeks away. Tonight was the first of three exhibition games against the Anaheim Angels. The first two of the Freeway Series are played at Dodger Stadium, and the last one at Anaheim stadium.

Highlights from tonight's Dodger broadcast - from KFWB 980 AM
Every time I hit the ball, I get wet. - a baseball player in Chicago
They were talking about how the baseballs now have something in them to deal with the humidity in the air.

They were talking about how it was surprising that this one player had x amount of homeruns. Or someone had said it was surprising. It had to do with his weight/height... They joked about the player's height depending on the height of the phone book he was standing on at the time of the weighing and height(ing?). Then if a player was too short, they'd add inches and if they were too tall they'd take away some. Ex: "So, how tall are you?" "5'9"." "Okay, 5'11" then"

The Angels have made their third triple play this spring season.

"He already had the hat trick. He's going for the going for the Golden Sombrero." On Angels' first baseman Hillenbrand who was still in the game. They were speculating that either he needed extra batting practice (after flying out at his previous three at-bats). I think at this point, most of the players on the field weren't on the field when the game started two hours ago. Since it's an exhibition game, almost anyone can play.

9:28 Mike Lieberthal - collision at home plate - awww! Reminds me of when Chase Utley ran over Russ last year...

9:34 awww poor Mike. One collision with more close calls. The radio broadcasters are "picking" on him tonight. Sort of.

9:36 "We've got names and numbers that do not match." The score doesn't match either. 6-1, Angels winning.

9:38 Start of the bottom half of the eight inning

9:42 - The announcer is still teasing Mike. He said Mike hasn't played the whole game, but tomorrow in the whirlpool he's going to feel like he did. After all... he did have a violent collision at home plate. A photographer just got hit I think... 3rd base dugout. Photographer had her hand on the railing and the ball hit her hand. They're teasing her, saying she's acting like a big leaguer, pretending it doesn't hurt.

9:46 PM - Top of the ninth inning - Takaishi Saito comes out of the bull pen. Let's see if this Closer can save the game. Well... it's up to him to not give up anymore runs. After all, it's 6-1. The way the Dodgers and Angels have been playing, doesn't look like the Dodgers can earn 5+ runs in the bottom of the ninth. Don't think they can pull off another night like September 18th. Gotta save that magic for later in the season.

9:58 PM - Game over. Angels win the first of the three exhibition games (AKA Freeway Series). The second game is tomorrow night at 7:40 (good luck for those traveling on the 5 freeway trying to get to Friday night's bible study). The third game is on Saturday night at Angel Stadium.

Estimated crowd: 21,841 (or was it 12,841? The second one almost sounds more likely. Maybe I should've gone.)

Didn't expect a summary of tonight's Dodger game, did you? Sadly, Russ only had two at-bats and didn't get a run or a hit. The Dodgers only scored one run and had 5 hits.

Now that the game is over, I can eat!

Okay, I know this entry is a little long. Just bare with me. Then again, does anyone really read this? Apparently this blog does get visits. Apparently from all over the world too!

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