Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturdays are soooo long

Especially now that I have my class in morning and work in the evening. This seems to be my typical Saturday: library class from 9:00-12:30 (I leave by 8:30 to stop at Starbucks for breakfast), between 12:30-1:00 I'm getting lunch and on my way home. Usually I work at 4:30, so I have to leave by 4:00, to give me thirty minutes instead of fifteen to get to work. That's fifteen minutes of leeway time for traffic (on the freeway and at the parking structure). So usually I have time between 1:00 and 4:00 to do whatever, which usually involves relaxing and taking a shower.

EXCEPT for last week when I had to be at work at 2, and this week my boss asked me to come in earlier. So we compromised and I came in at four. Good thing! Because I didn't get off till midnight.The first two hours weren't eventful. But then, these two ladies came in with a return. Jeiza called me over to help them because they wanted to try on some shoes. I lost count of how many pairs of shoes these two ladies tried on. My guess? Around 15. They must have tried on five to eight different styles. One of them tried on two sizes. So, I made about two or three trips to the stock room to get shoes and put the other ones away. They ended up buy four pairs... three for the size 10 lady and one for the size 6- 6 1/2 lady. So, they returned a little over 200 and bought 1400 more. bringing me a lovely thousand dollar sale. Which was why Jeiza called me over to help them. She was busy ringing up her thousand dollar sale. Yay me.

So, why did I get off at midnight? We closed at nine and tomorrow (in a couple hours) we have inventory. Instead of doing most of the prep work in the morning, we did a lot of it tonight. I brought some merchandise on the floor so there would be less in the stock room. I took out the trash. Then I started with the area slips. We had slips that I had to number for the different floor fixtures. After I was done with that, we taped them to the fixtures on the floor and in the stock room. By the time we finished, it was midnight. LOL I think I found myself another responsibility. If Tanzania's still the store manager next year and I'm still there, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm helping with inventory again.

That's my day. School. Work. Thousand dollar sale. Inventory prep work.

What am I doing up still? I realized I didn't have any more tapes for Sunday's sermon. I've got half a tape left to do. So, once that tape's done, I'll have a tape for tomorrow's services!

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