Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Bid for an unique experience at the Hollywood Stars Game"

Remember earlier this year, with the autograph debacle? How only the people who could "afford" autographs could get them? I got this e-mail about "bid on unique Hollywood Stars game experience." I knew about the "bids" when I looked at them for the coliseum game. Did you know those little kids who take the field with the players before the game .... did you know that the minimum bid starts at $120 (for four tickets). Is this for every game? Do you have to be able to "bid" at least $120 for your kid to take the field with the Dodgers and get their autographs? They also have bids for official bat kid (400), honorary photographer (400), honorary coach (400) and to announce the celebrity line-up (also 400). See what I'm getting at? I don't know if this is JUST for the Hollywood Stars game ... but geez ... $400 bucks is a LOT to shell out. Personally, I'd love to bid for the honorary photographer ... but I don't have $400 to make the minimum bid. Good thing I already have plans for that day.

The "Bids" for the "Unique" experiences at the Hollywood Stars game

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