Saturday, June 14, 2008

In case you missed it ...

Please, remember Alexander Montoyo in your prayers. I came across this article, "A Father's Gift, A Father's Hope" while looking at the ESPN MLB webpage. This little picture of two little boys, a little five-year-old holding his baby brother who has a little helmet on with the name "Alex" on it, and something told me to read this article. Baby Alex was born with Ebstein's anomaly, which is a congenital heart defect where only one chamber of the heart is functioning, so blood isn't pumped in the proper quantity or direction. Baby Alex hasn't reached his first birthday yet, and when it does, it will mean so much to his family and his survival. He has already had two open-heart surgeries among many many other procedures. His father, Charlie Montoyo, is the manager of the Triple-A Durham Bulls. If you can, please check out the article. There is also a webpage for you to make a donation to help this family who needs not only our prayers, but our help as well. I think it's great how the baseball organization is rallying to help one of their own. I just wish they (and we all) can do more for them and many other families like them. Charlie is doing a great thing by helping young men achieve their dreams of making the bigs. Let's help him achieve something greater ... helping his son survive.

Nothing unusual about the Mets getting rained out, right? Except, during the rain out, SIX members of the Rangers team decided to have a little fun and go slip-sliding on the tarp. This resulted in the New York crowded to chant : Let's go Rangers. Hmmm maybe the Mets should've joined in on the fun.

Here's the game recap and video clip.

Remember good ol' Esteban Loaiza? Who was released by the Dodgers and picked up by the Royals? Well, he found himself on the DL again.

Anyone remember Russell Martin's first year in the bigs when he got slammed by Chase Utley? Or last year, the collision with Angels' Erick Aybar (I think it was him)? Since Russell Martin is my FAVORITE player, I have a tendency to sympathize for catchers more than any positional player. Like last year, when Mike Napoli got injured blocking the plate. And even more recently, Josh Bard going down when Pujols took him out after he took out Chris Young (unintentionally of course). Here's one more name to add to the list of catchers hurt this year. Yadier Molina. He was taken off the field on a backboard after a collision at the plate with Eric Bruntlett.

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