Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My first complete game SHUT OUT

That's right. Shut out. As in ZEROs all across the board. The Dodgers BEAT the White Sox today, FIVE to ZERO, with ERIC STULTS pitching NINE shut out innings. When the top of the ninth came, I was very EXCITED to see Eric Stults come out and finish the game. I'm going to make this real quick. This time, I went to the game with Nina, Kevin, Sherisse, Roxie, Jon, and their girls Julia and Natalie. Man, you thought the White Sox were going to get ahead in the very first inning when they had Pierzynski on third base, Dye on first ... but thankfully Swisher flew out to end the inning. Then the Dodgers struck in their half of the first inning. Pierre singled, stole second, and advanced to third on the error by Pierzynski. Then Ethier singled him in. Ethier himself got to third when Kent reached safely on the error by Dye. Martin brought home Ethier and advanced Kent to third. Unfortunately, Kent would be thrown out at home in the following play.

Kevin noticed an interesting thing. When the third out was a fly ball to one of the other outfielders, Andre would start running in before the ball was fully caught. I joked that it was probably because he had the longest distance to go. There were a few balls hit hard by the Dodgers that you thought might've had a chance to go out. During the game, Sherisse was trying to explain a few basics to little Natalie. So she wouldn't get confused by the White Sox wearing gray, she broke it down to the team wearing white and the team wearing gray. The cute part comes when Natalie starts calling the White Sox the "Stinky feet" or "stinky socks" (no offense to any White Sox fans out there). And then Sherisse would ask her who was on the field and stuff. Natalie would say "White team!" and then later "Dodgers! WHOO!!" Super cute. Jon got up to use the facilities and he stopped to get Natalie a pink Dodger hat. Julia, who already got a camo Dodger hat the last time we took them to a game, saw Jon coming down and got real excited. She told Natalie, "Look! Daddy bought us Dodger hats!" Turns out, it was just for Natalie. Who actually asked her mom earlier in the game if she could get on.

One more thing. SoSG's very own Steve Sax was the guest in Autograph Alley today. The one game where I didn't leave early for batting practice. Normally I leave to get to the game when the gates open so I can stop by Autograph Alley and get into the field level for batting practice. But that's usually when I go with a friend or a smaller group because then it's easier to get everyone to agree to go. With a larger group, it's a little harder. Funny thing was. Both Julia and Natalie wanted to get autographs. Too bad. Steve Sax would've been a GREAT one to have. I have several of his baseball cards that I would've given Julia and Natalie to get one signed.

That's it for now. I want to get off early enough to play a little MLB the Show. I haven't played since before baseball season started. Then I played three games the last two days ... EACH. Unline the real Dodgers, my team is 21 - 1. I only lost the first game of the season. And in the last six games, I've only allowed less then two runs if any ... except for one where I gave up five. And I usually get like three home runs each game ... sometimes from the PITCHER. Then again, that's why it's a video game.

Today was the last day for in-stadium voting for the All Star Game. We punched out 140 ballots!

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