Thursday, June 19, 2008

In case you missed it ...

Prince Fielder hits an "inside-the-park" home run... because Alex Rios didn't know that the ball being stuck under the padding didn't mean it was a ground-rule double. The Mets' Ryan Church had something similar happen on June 3rd, when Giants' Fred Lewis hit a ball that got stuck above the fence.

I happen to see this video when I was looking for bloopers. Ryan Freel lost control of his bat, which went flying into the stands. Anyone who was at the Diamondbacks-Dodgers game in April where a woman was struck by the broken-end of a bat imagine something similar happening with a whole bat? Well... it didn't hit anyone ... though it almost hit the beer vendor! Okay, at the end of the video ... it looks like the small end of the bat might've hit the vendor ... like in the hip...

Don't look now ... but the Dodgers might be taking some cues from the Padres. They placed TWO of their starting pitchers on the DL this week ... albeit, only one of them was an All-Star last year. Brad Penny and Hiroki Kuroda went on the DL this week... just a day apart. Even though Kuroda was placed on the DL on the 19th, it's retroactive to the 13th (he last pitched the 12th). Penny was placed on the DL on the 18th, but it's retroactive to the 15th (he last pitched on on the 14th).

This week wasn't a good week for managers. Willie Randolph (Mets), John Gibbons (Blue Jays), and John McLaren (Mariners) were all fired this week (Tuesday -very early Tuesday morning, Friday, Thursday respectively). Three managers in four days ... they skipped Wednesday ... that would've been interesting to have a manager fired each day between Tuesday and Friday.

On the Fourth of July, the Hollywood Bowl is having a special Dodgers-themed event. You can read about it on the Dodgers website or

Oh yeah ... remember Brett Tomko (aka Bombko)? Well ... ten days ago, he was designated for assignment. Now ... he's been placed on unconditional waivers. Is there anyone out there fool enough to pick him up?

You can add Roy Halladay onto the list of pitchers getting hit in the head with line drives, after two other pitchers who were hit earlier this year. Only Chris Young has yet to come back from the DL. Good news ... it's been a month since he got hit ... and he's now throwing off the mound. I heard him talk on XX Sports Radio about how he still couldn't smell or taste anything, or even BLOW his nose! That's some serious business there.

There's a great entry on about the first Wrigley Field in L.A.

And please please please remember to keep the Montoyo family in your thoughts and prayers!

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