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Standings as of 6/1/08

2008 National League - Standings
Philadelphia3325.569-18-1215-13315252Won 17-3
Florida3124.564.518-1213-12269264Lost 15-5
NY Mets2827.5093.517-1111-16265255Won 26-4
Atlanta2928.5093.522-77-21267218Lost 33-7
Washington2434.414913-1511-19217273Lost 24-6
Chicago Cubs3621.632-26-810-13324232Won 78-2
St. Louis3424.5862.521-1213-12266243Won 17-3
Houston3028.5176.515-915-19267279Lost 53-7
Milwaukee2928.509716-1013-18248262Won 37-3
Cincinnati2829.491819-109-19262280Won 37-3
Pittsburgh2630.4649.515-1111-19280307Lost 15-5
Arizona3225.561-21-1211-13287234Won 24-6
LA Dodgers2729.4824.515-1112-18249242Lost 22-8
San Francisco2433.421812-1712-16218268Won 16-4
San Diego2335.3979.513-1510-20210271Lost 16-4
Colorado2037.3511212-148-23240314Lost 72-8
W: Wins, L: Losses, PCT: Winning percentage, GB: Games back, HOME: Home record, ROAD: Road record, RS: Runs scored, RA: Runs allowed, STRK: Current streak, L10: Last 10 games
Standings are updated with the completion of each game.

Here we are ... two complete months into the season ... and four more months to go. We're two-thirds of the way through the season. Let's break it down. Starting from the East ... It's still juggling. Last week it was Florida who was 2.5 games ahead of the Phillies and the Braves, with the Mets trailing 5.5. Well, the Mets won 3 out of 4 from the Dodgers, while the Phillies swept the struggling Rockies (who lost a 9 - 1 lead to the Cubs) and then took two out of three from the Marlins. This week, it's the Phillies atop Florida by half a game, with the Mets and the Braves 3.5 games back.

Now the Central ... the Cubs are still at the top. They've managed to stay on top of the Central for the last three posts (I'm not going to say weeks, because they might've slipped somewhere during the week in between posts since I only post on Sunday nights). In the last week, they swept the struggling offenses of both the Dodgers and the Rockies. Who do they face this week? The Padres (whose offense has warmed up but has been known to struggle) and ... the Dodgers again! A lot of people are rooting for the Cubs because this year marks the 100th year since the last time the Cubs were in the World Series. And a lot of people want to see the Cubs break that drought by winning the World Series this year. Then again, there's also a lot of people who want to see a Boston repeat. The only big change is the Pirates dropping from third to last in the division.

Finally ... the division that is supposed to be the toughest division this year. It hasn't looked much like what everyone expected. The only team that has really met expectations is the Diamondbacks. But then there are those who don't think the Diamondbacks will be able to win it because of their lack of runs. But so far they've managed to dominate the West. The Dodgers are fighting to stay close, but sometimes you got to wonder with their on-again off-again offense. Let's not even think about their pitching woes. Your number one and number two guys are pitching like ... well ... not like they should. Your number three looks like he's the ace of the team ... but sometimes he shows his age (or lack thereof). Then there's the imported number four who only recently managed a win forty-seven days after his previous win. And don't forget the revolving door that is the number five spot. Hopefully the Minotaur will prove that's he's not mythical creature. As for my favorite All-Star ... he needs to step it up and show that he can be the All-Star that we KNOW he is. And guess what? The Padres are no longer the worst team in their division, their league, or in the Majors! Even though they only have two-fifths of their starting pitching rotation from Opening Day. The "Worst Team in Baseball" honors now go to ... the Colorado Rockies! Who face the Dodgers this week. If the Dodgers can't beat the "worst team in baseball" ... I don't even want to know.

Let's see... in case you missed it ...

Mike Lieberthal officially retired with the Phillies today! He signed a one-day minor league contract worth about ... FOUR dollars. That's right. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch before today's game. Any thoughts that Mike Piazza might be able to come and do the same thing with the Dodgers? Probably not, right? Hard feelings still there?

Remember when Chris Young got knocked down by a ball batted by Albert Pujols that hit him in the nose??? Looks like it was deja vu ... except different team, different players, different scenarios ... different outcome. Minnesota Twins Nick Blackburn was also hit by a line drive to the face ... by New York Yankees Bobby Abreu. Like I said ... different situation, different outcome. At least Abreu didn't take out the catcher in the same inning two plays later. Wonder if Blackburn thought about Young when it happened ... maybe they should compare notes.

Maple bats are dangerous? You decide. I understand that there is a risk of getting hurt at a game, especially the closer the sit to the action. I don't remember hearing about this happening at Dodger Stadium, but then again, I didn't go to that game. I went to the game before that. A fan was hit with the remains of a broken bat at the Rockies-Dodgers game on April 25. You have the read the article to learn about what happened and the aftermath of getting hit by the remains of a bat. What's awful is that she has to suffer the burden of the medical bills on her own. I understand that the organizations would get slammed by all sorts of claims if they were to try and help fans who were injured at the games. And yes, I've noticed the signs about the dangers of sitting in the field level. During batting practice, I always joked with my friends that I would be too busy taking pictures to even notice a ball (let alone a bat) headed my way. And yes, I know, this is no laughing matter.

Padres' Mark Prior has season ending surgery.... when did his season even start???? Enough said. Speaking of the Padres ... did anyone catch the triple play on Friday night???

I meant to mention this a while ago ... does anyone remember hearing about so many fans dying at a baseball stadium? This is the second one I've heard this year. There was one earlier at Shea Stadium (which I mentioned in a post). Then in late May, another fan dies from a fall at Turner Field .... while the Mets were visiting the Braves. Then a fan fell from the club level at Camden Yards onto another fan in the seating area below in mid-April. And that actually happened days after the death at Shea Stadium. So ... what does this say about the safety of baseball parks? Since I don't follow any other sports, are there just as many casualties in any other professional sport?

That's it for now ... I gotta keep more track of what's going on so it'll be a little easier to do the "in case you missed it" section.

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