Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today's game ...

Another 2 - 1 loss. I cant' seem to get a winning streak going. Well, neither can the Dodgers apparently. At least I don't have a losing streak ... so hopefully that means they'll win against the Cubs (who lost tonight) tomorrow. Before I went to the game, I had two things to do. One, get lunch, which was Subway. Two, was get gas. It was 4.23 at the Arco when I gassed up hs morning. When I drove by the same Arco on my home from work, less then twelve hours later ... gas was 4.35! Can you believe it? So I go back and get Sherisse. We get there with plenty of time. About half an hour before first pitch. We get to our seats and there is like no one around us. Three people come later and sit in front of us, two to our right ... and two rows ahead and two rows behind us.

As usual, the kids take the field to get their autographs from the Dodgers'. And, as usual, at least one kid gets lost. Again, it was Ethier's kid. The kid instead of going out to Ethier, he stopped and visited with a security guard, then two umpires, before finally getting to Ethier, who's waving his arms at the kid like an air traffic controller. Super cute. The kid. And Ethier. On the way back, the kid needed a little assistance from the umpires and security again to get off the field. Naturally, he's the last kid off the field. In the bottom of the second inning, I hear this guy arrive behind us. How? "FUKODOME! Oops that's tomorrow's game." Guess he's a Cubbie fan. But does it end there? Nooooo.... throughout the rest of the game, you hear this guy "FUKODOME!" Dude ... wrong series. Will you shut up about it already? For a day game ... the sun kept playing hide and seek. It finally came out after the fifth or sixth inning. Oooh ... in the top of the sixth inning, Garrett Atkins had a 2 - 1 count, swung, and somehow knocked the mask off Russell's face! Crazy! I made some notes during the game ... some to put in the blog and some to go with the pictures I took. I got some GREAT pictures from sitting in the infield reserve level! There's a note about a great picture of Russell getting walked ... Ianette striking out (Kershaw had FIVE strike outs by the way). During the game, Sherisse (my friend who went with me to this one) was commenting on how many beers the group two rows in front of us had. There were maybe five people in the group and you didn't have a CLUE who the designated driver was ... cause they were all drunk and all drinking! Who knows how many beers they had. Sherisse got a good laugh out of one of the girls trying to go up the stairs ... she couldn't get past two rows. THEN there were the "FUKODOME" guys behind us. One of them was telling the other guys how when he was getting past the gate, one of the buttons popped and his beer can rolled out.... and the security guard pretended not to see it. Guess what? When we left ... there were probably about six empty beer cans in their row. On top of that ... they were cussing throughout the second half of the game ... usually not about the game too. I missed a great photo opportunity when a ball was hit foul towards the Rockies dugout. Smith (#25) was standing at the railing and ducked and covered his head with his arms. That would've made a great pic. Speaking of duck and covering ... some lady in the field level got hit by a foul ball... not sure where ... but you saw security and fans standing around her. Her husband had his arm around her and she had her head buried ... after a few moments she held her head up and everyone around her was glad she was okay. Here's the best part. The guy from a few rows back walked up to her and GAVE her the ball that hit her! How often do you see that happening? During the bottom of the eighth ... I happened to look in the dugout and saw Loney and Russ give each other a punch in the arm. Not sure if I caught anything on camera or not. Speaking of Loney, he had one of his pant legs pulled up and boy ... Loney's got himself some WHITE legs!

One more thing to note ... can someone tell me why I had the best reception ever sitting the infield reserve? I get awful reception in top deck, and the lower reserve ... even on the field level! But not infield reserve? Someone explain that to me.

Okay, so it's three in the morning now ... and I got about twelve hours before I head off to my next game! Sweet. And it probably won't be till Friday afternoon or even Saturday afternoon at the EARLIEST before I post about Thursday night's game.

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