Saturday, April 05, 2008

2 - 0

Great way to start the season, right? Two wins, no losses. I got off work, picked up Kevin, got food, and went to Nina's. We got there just as Angelina got there. Angelina got two pairs of tickets through 76. She and Nina took the seats in section 51. Kevin and I took the seats in section 59. That put us at the very end of the reserve level in the left field side. The day before the game, I looked in the box score and guess who's part of the umpire crew? Jim Wolf! The older brother of Randy Wolf! He was the third base umpire for the Opening Day game. Since I didn't know which way they rotated, I guessed he was either the home plate umpire or second base. They rotate clockwise (? depending on which way you look at it) so he was the second base umpire.

Jim - first base umpire
Randy - starting pitcher for the Padres

Jim WolfRandy Wolf

Back to the game. From our seats, it was very hard to see the DodgerVision screen. I did like the angle I got of the bullpen. However, my childhood fear of heights did make me wary of the steps. And the railing. When I saw that Russell was throwing in the bullpen, I went over to take some pictures. The guy standing by the railing told me that Russell wasn't throwing yet. Strange, because the catcher in the bullpen looked like Russell, moved like Russell.. and he was wearing Russell's number. Hmm. Yes, it was Russell and he was wrong. I almost made a comment like I knew it was Russell. And before the game started, Nina was asking me who the bullpen catcher was. She said it looked like Lieberthal. It probably was Rob Flippo. Flippo threw some balls out of the bullpen to some fans. I've seen him do that after games.

Onto the game. Another low-scoring game. We spent most of the game in a tie. Blake DeWitt is amazing! He and Hu pulled off a double steal. Sweet. And, yes, I did miss the Bowa blowup. Kevin and I were coming back from getting garlic fries and we heard the crowd. I also heard what was going on (thanks to my little radio). Nina and Angelina told me they were in line for food and they heard the crowd first. Everyone around them didn't know what was going on and they didn't know who Bowa is. Is it me ... or are the more moths this year? Maybe I just didn't notice them before. Because I really don't remember seeing that many moths last year. Angelina said there was a humming-bird sized moth that kept crashing into a guy in front of them. Around the 8th inning, Angelina and Nina tried to tell us that they wanted to leave. The game was tied. It was cold. I wanted to stay. Kevin wanted to stay. So we stayed for the ninth, and guess what? With two men on base, Delwyn Young comes up to pinch-hit. He makes a mad dash to beat the ball to first, and Furcal who was on second makes a mad dash to beat the ball home. And you know how fast Furcal can be. Game over. Dodgers win! Last year, the Giants beat the Dodgers 6 out of the 9 times they met at Dodger Stadium. Well, first series is over. Dodgers beat the Giants 2 of the 3 times they've met so far.

As for my pictures... I think I'll do what JoAnna did. Start another blog just for the pictures. What do you think? Too complicated? Too many blogs to keep track of? Unless someone says otherwise, I'll give that a try. If not, I'll go back to posting pictures on here. Here's the blog address

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