Monday, April 07, 2008

Autograph signings and radio stations

Okay, so we're done with the first week of baseball. Any news of any autograph signings? I remember last year, there were two autograph signings in April. Russell Martin at Earl Scheib's and Andre Ethier at Living Spaces. Does anyone know anything yet? Also, when it comes to the radio stations... I think I preferred it when it was on KFWB. First of all, I haven't heard much of a pregame show on KABC. Maybe I just haven't tuned in yet. But on KFWB, the pregame stuff started about an hour before the game. Then about half hour before the game, AMartinez (whatever happened to him? I heard him once on ESPN radio) would have a player profile. Granted, after awhile, you heard the same old player profile over and over again. I don't really listen to the postgame stuff (other than the player/coach interview) so I don't know how different that is. And yes, the two (okay three) autograph signings I went to last year were hosted by KFWB. That was one of the things I wondered if it was going to change along with the change of radio stations. The website for KABC looks better. They do have a much better podcast. The KFWB podcast stopped after spring training. So, yes, each radio station does have it's up and it's down. What do you guys think?

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