Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In case you missed it ...

Did anyone see David Wright on the David Letterman show last Monday night (April 14 to be exact)? I was at the game, and I usually don't stay up late watching late night shows anyway. Usually when I get home from a game, I spend a few hours winding down: uploading the pictures from my camera, blogging about the game, uploading the pictures onto my flickr and a blog entry... but I wish I had a TiVo or DVR so I could've recorded it. The annoying part was that you didn't see David till like the last seven minutes of the show. David Letterman spent most of the show with Al Pacino. And of course, he talks for how long in the beginning of the show? That's one of the things that I don't like about late night talk shows. I want to see the guest stars. I guess that's why I like TiVo or DVR ... I can fast forward through the talking part and get right to the good part... like seeing David Wright. David Wright, btw, got his 100th career home run before he showed on the show. He talks about how he "read" about that homerun being his 100th. Then he goes to say it was a "3-2 fastball about 84 mph, because that's all [he] could get around on." He talks about the slow start they were on and jokes about why games are longer these days. The best part is when he talks about how he has the best view of what's going on in the stands, like when a Phillies fan got decked. I love David. He's hilarious in the show. I'm not sure if he's being humble for real or not. Like when he says that usually when he hits a home run, he doesn't know if it is or not. Or when David Letterman asks him about being able react from the moment a pitcher throws the ball to swinging. I love how when he talks and smiles, the left side of his mouth turns up more than his right. At the end of the show, David Letterman takes David Wright outside to swing a bat. And Letterman tells Wright (it's getting tiring trying to differentiate between the two Davids) that the city is making them use softballs instead of hard baseballs. I love watching Wright swing and hit the ball. I wish Letterman could've thrown a few more at Wright. He did hit him once. That was great.

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