Friday, April 18, 2008

In case you missed it...

The Padres-Colorado game last night started with Jake Peavy throwing the first pitch at 7:05 PM Thursday night. It ended at 1:21 AM Friday morning when Glendon Rusch struck out. It went 22 innings! I was driving to the DMV and turned on XX sports radio because that way I can hear some baseball talk instead of just talk radio. They were talking about what time the Padres arrived in Arizona (about 3:30, 4:30). One fan called in and mentioned when he was in the sixth grade, he went to a double header. The first one was like eleven innings, and the second one ... I forgot how much but he saw a lot of innings that day.

This I saw when I was checking MLB news on my phone. A 36-year-old man fell to his death at Shea Stadium. Looks like he wasn't the only one. There appears to have been another incident, where a fan fell in Camden Yards.

Sending in the Wolf. Former Dodger/Philies pitcher, Randy Wolf pitched seven innings, allowing only ONE hit. That hit that spoiled his no-hit bid came with two outs in the seventh inning. The WOLF is looking good.

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