Thursday, April 10, 2008

Read the signs people

When our sale started, the sign said "save up to 50%". Now if you saw that, do you automatically assume that everything on the rack is 50% off ... or some percentage up to 50% off? I can't tell you how many times we got that question. Now, the sign says "further markdowns up to 60%" and we get the same question! Someone help me understand. Is that really difficult to understand?

Now, when I go to other stores and I look at the sales, I look at the sale sign very carefully. Maybe it's because I'm a salesperson now. And I have been confused by sale signs before. But I think if it says "Save up to 50%" then the prices should be marked already, UNLESS it says "further reductions taken at register" or "Take and extra % off". Because I know we sometimes have an extra 25% that's taken at the register. And then, of course, we get the question, "how much is this with the 25%?" Today, someone asked me, how much is 39 out of 58, what was the percent off that? Umm, I don't know. I'm not great at math, especially off the top of my head. I told her, I didn't know, I wasn't a math major. Of course, since she didn't speak English very well, I got away with that response. If she wasn't, I would've said something completely different.

Speaking of signs ... I was driving eastbound on Wilson from Glendale, towards Eagle Rock. I was at the intersection of Wilson and Central. I have the redlight, but the opposite traffic from me has the green light and green arrow. I'm waiting for my light to turn green, this guy pulls up next to me, moves past the white line, and makes a left turn onto Central. While the light is still RED. Where's a cop when you need one?

Another thing that I've been wanting to write about. The other day, I was ringing up a customer and my manager was talking with another manager from another store. The customer made a comment to me, "your manager is a good mood today." This isn't the first time the mood of my manager has been brought up to me. I've actually had other customers make comments about the mood of my customer, whether or not she's in a good mood, or just a comment about her bad mood. Frankly, what does it matter if my manager is in a good mood? Usually she's just serious. Does she have to be smiling to be in a good mood? Because she can be serious and still not be in a bad mood. Not just this manager, but the manager before that too. And, they (the customers) don't know what's going on in the store. There could be dozens of reasons why the manager isn't in a Happy Face mood. Another thing, are we expected to have an ear to ear grin every minute of our shift of every day of the week? Because I know that if my shift has been slow and is almost over or I'm frustrated with a certain person on the staff, I wouldn't be smiling ear to ear. I remember one time, I got really mad at that certain person and I certainly was NOT smiling.

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