Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Star Voting has BEGUN

Dodgers on the ballot: (plus some commentary)
First base: James Loney (15 game hitting streak to begin the season!!!)
Second base: Jeff Kent (umm going for the record of "oldest all-star")
Shortstop: Rafael Furcal
Third Base: Nomar Garciaparra (guess the ballot was made BEFORE he went back on the DL. Even though he started the season on the DL. And was off the DL for like nine days before he went back on it. Wonder if Blake's name would be there if Nomar hadn't come off the DL)
Outfielders: Andruw Jones (HAH! Is anyone seriously going to vote from him?), Juan Pierre (he got a lot of votes last year ... but that was last year), and ANDRE ETHIER (HOORAY!!!! I'M SO EXCITED THAT ANDRE IS ON THE BALLOT THIS YEAR. I AM SOOO VOTING FOR ANDRE. COME EVERYONE!!! ETHIER FOR ALL-STAR!!! LET'S GET BEHIND HIM LIKE WE GOT BEHIND RUSSELL LAST YEAR)
Catcher: Russell Martin (DUH! Who else would be on the ballot? Umm... do we have another catcher? J/k I know ... Bennett ... what does he look like again?)

Here are my choices:
First Base: Loney, J., LAD
Second Base: Utley, C., PHI
Third Base: Wright, D., NYM
Shortstop: Reyes, J., NYM
Catcher: Martin, R., LAD
Outfielder: Byrnes, E., ARI
Outfielder: Ethier, A., LAD
Outfielder: Holliday, M., COL

Shortstop was a tough choice. I may vote for Furcal a few times. Outfielder was tough too. Ethier definitely got my number one choice. I like Holliday, Byrnes, and Ankiel. Matt Kemp's name isn't on there. Maybe next year.

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