Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Monday's game

So, last Christmas, I decided to take advantage of one of the holiday packages the Dodgers were offering. It was 12 games, for $48 if I chose to sit in the top deck. Since I didn't want to go to 12 games alone, I asked some of my friends if I got two tickets, would one of them go with me? They said yes, one or the other. Actually, one friend wanted to pay for the other ticket plan. Her parents were supposed to give her the money for it, but they never did. And they even forgot to actually get her a Christmas gift. Well, here comes the first game of our ticket plan and guess what? Neither of them know if one of them is going to the game with me! Grrr. I told them that if no one will go with me, I'll just go by myself. My friend (the girl - the other's a guy) said that it would be a waste of a ticket. Duh. I know that. Hello. It's her ticket that I'm wasting. But I can't not go. Hello. I have two tickets. So. Here I am. Two tickets to Monday's game. Can't really think of anyone else to take with me yet. Hopefully someone will say yes. Again. All else fails. I'll just go by myself and my purse can sit in Nina's seat.

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