Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another one...

This one was early in my shift. My manager was off the floor, having her lunch. This customer, and elderly lady, wanted to try a pair of shoes on. She said it fit, she'd get it. When I rang her up, the total was more than she expected. The pointed out that there was another shoe JUST like it, but in a different color, and a much lower price. Well, the two shoes weren't EXACTLY the same shoes. One was metallic suede (black) and the other was metallic leather. Not only were they different colors, difference prices ... but they were actually different shoes. But she kept saying they were the same shoes. But they weren't. They had different item numbers, same shoe name, different shoe style number. I told her they weren't the same according to the computer. She asked me if I could give her the shoe she was buying for the lower price that the other shoe was going for. I said I couldn't because according to the system, they weren't the same shoes. So, she asks me to get my manager. I explain the situation to my manager, who comes out to talk to the customer. She tells the customer the same things I had been telling her, and the customer keeps insisting that they are the SAME shoes. They aren't. In fact, I just went online to look at the same shoes. On the website, the metallic leather and metallic suede shoes were going for the same price. The higher one. I hope this one doesn't come back in the form of a complaint.

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