Monday, April 21, 2008

Store or lobby?

Today when I got to work, I discovered not only was the escalator going down not working, but they had also closed off the entrance to the mall on our level. The escalator thing, no problem. I just did what the guy in front of me did. I went around the little thing they put up and walked down the non-moving escalator. The door thing however turned our store into a walk way for the mall. Sure we get a handful of people who use our store as a mall entrance. But today was ridiculous! It was well into the afternoon when they finished working on the doors. Once the doors were fixed, our foot traffic definitely slowed down. And then, later on, some girl was standing in different parts of our store, just talking on her cell phone.

Somebody explain this to me. This lady comes into our store to do a return. She pulls two things out of some sort of tote bag that is COVERED in animal hair. It was either cat hair or dog hair. Who knows, it might've been her hair! Anyway, neither item has a ticket, she doesn't have a receipt. One is a white skirt. Obviously been worn and washed. It's covered in animal hair as well. Second item, even worse. It was black top. No Talbots label anywhere to be seen. And how do I know it was worn? There was deodorant stains on it. GROSS. I had my manager take care of it. The lady then walks around the store, talking to herself. At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was on her cell phone. Turns out, she was having a conversation with herself. The entire time she was in the store. She tried on a few things. Went into the fitting room like three times. I shuddered every time she put her dirty hairy bag down. She bought a black top (full price), and then found a creme top (on sale). She wanted to put the creme top on hold for three days, but we don't hold sale items over. So, she returned the black top, bought the creme one, and put the black one on hold. She talked to herself on her way out the store, came back later and asked for an application. Then she asked for one of our names. And got mine completely wrong. She came back later to turn in the application. And had a conversation with herself coming in and out of our store. Can someone say a few eggs short of a dozen???

Today was an interesting day. I had another lady get lost in our fitting room. One of my associates went in there, and she was standing in the middle of the fitting room. She didn't know how to get out. Mind you ... there's only ONE way in and out of the fitting room. And then our other Special Lady came in. She's got to be at least 80, wears big fish-eye glasses, her wrists are like the size of my thumb ... and the scariest part? She still drives herself around, even though she's in outer space more than half the time. My manager told me she was leaving once, and she saw the Special Lady driving. She was stopped in the middle of an intersection ... didn't know what to do ... didn't know what was going on around her ... and everyone around her is honking at her because she's stopped in the middle of the street. And I'll leave you all with this. Sarah and I were folding things on a table, and this customer was looking at something. She said something, and I asked her, "What was that question again?" And she very rudely and hotly replies to me, "Did I ask you a question?" I just apologized and went back to folding. After she left, Sarah and I got a good laugh about it. There was no reason for her to be rude about it, btw.

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